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I didn’t realize this, but a few Google searches later, it seems that the search for the best maple doughnut in Vermont is akin to that for the best bagel in NYC. I can now officially contribute to the discourse and say that I have found it, at the Big Picture Theater and Cafe in Waitsfield. The doughnuts are made by the Very Small Donut Company, which used have its own storefront that closed. Each doughnut is three to four (two if you’re Dave) bites of pure pleasure. The fact that they are small makes for the ideal ratio of crisp exterior to soft interior, and the maple glaze is indescribably good. You can easily eat three in one sitting. They are dangerous. Dave and I brought home a few for everyone. The next day, we upgraded to the box of a dozen.


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We had to drive back to NYC for one night so that I could work at the restaurant. On our way home, we stopped by the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store in Norwich, Vermont. The Norwich campus houses both the store, their flagship, and the education center where they offer a wide array of baking classes. Several friends have taken classes there and they all rave about them. Someday I want to take one too. Above you can see all the flour I bought while there. I made a tasty fruit tart with the almond flour and the rest is in my freezer waiting for me.

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Morro Bay is a bit of a one horse town. As soon as we pulled in I wrote off any potential for culinary goodness. After an uninspired dinner near our hotel, my suspicions were confirmed. I woke up starving after a great night of sleep. We decided to check out Dorn’s. I walked in and was fully expecting some sub-par fare. Boy was I wrong. Dave’s buckwheat pancakes were delicious, made with blueberries in the batter as well as on top.


I had the Flutter’s scramble and was equally impressed. The vegetables were fresh and delicious and the potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft within. I loved that it came with housemade salsa, a great touch. Lastly, my breakfast came with muffins (a choice of bran or blueberry), yes muffins, as in plural. I was quite surprised when two muffins arrived at the table. Needless to say, I took away leftovers that fed me for lunch as well. Dorn’s breakfast is a true winner.


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San Francisco!


Nothing says welcome to San Francisco like airport dim sum at SFO. Yes, it is overpriced, that said, it’s actually quite well done. We were waiting for Christina to pick us up and I was starving, so I ran upstairs and bought these: red bean paste-filled sesame balls (my favorite), vegetable dumplings, and mini sausage buns.

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The lobster roll seems to be the “in” dish this summer. From the much lauded one you can get at the Brooklyn Flea (I’ve yet to get my hands on one), to the great sandwich I had at Mermaid Inn, they are everywhere. I guess that’s summer in NYC. My parents, Dave, and I went to Bouchon Bakery the other afternoon after seeing Julie and Julia. They had a lobster roll special which came on a whole wheat brioche bun; everyone but my dad ordered it. I thought the bun was fabulous, the whole wheat creating a density that you don’t normally get in brioche. The lobster, topped with herbs and pickled onions, was good too (I wondered aloud whether it was leftovers from Per Se, where they only get the freshest, highest quality animals). Dave thought the lobster had a bit too many herbs and preferred the simpler, larger-chunked lobster from the Mermaid Inn. I agreed with him, but the Buchon one was not too shabby.

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Dave’s friend Tim turned 30, so I made him 30 chocolate cupcakes. Dave referred to them as, “Ridiculously good tasting.” We took them to a BBQ Tim hosted last night. They didn’t have a big rectangular plate, but I made it work…

(The “AA” above was continued onto the green plate you can see in the corner above. It is the start of “AAAAAAAAYS” which represents Cluster A, Dave’s business school class.)

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DSC04026My mom swam the Hudson last weekend and I made these muffins for her as well as for those of us who woke up early in the morning to cheer her on. I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe from How to Be a Domestic Goddess which I think needs some tweaking (less blueberries, more batter overall), but was quite good anyway.

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