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Last night, Dave met me after work for what we both thought was going to be a quick bite at Hampton Chutney Co. in SoHo (they also have an Upper West Side location). For $8-12 you can sup on a delicious dosa, made with the fillings of your choice.



I went for a seasonal one with sweet potato and spinach and Dave had chicken. I find the combination of the slightly sour, crisp pancake and the hot veggie filling ever-so-satisfying; doubly so when each bite is smothered in house-made chutney. Yesterday I tried the pumpkin, delightful.   


Feeling satisfied, we started to head for the subway. It was a nice evening and we decided to walk a little and I, of course, began to crave something sweet. We decided, on a whim, to try out ChikaLicious, a dessert bar that we’d been hearing so much about.


Walking into the sparse, brightly-lit space, we were greeted by two chefs in black hats. We decided to sit at the bar (where another couple was seated) as opposed to one of the tables-for-two that occupy one side of the tiny space. For the price of the most expensive dosa on the Manhattan Chutney menu, you can indulge in a three course prix fixe consisting of an amuse, your choice of dessert, and petit fours. We started off with a delicious pear sorbet and white peppercorn gelee. 


Then I had an almond cake with Meyer lemon sorbet and rosemary ice cream and Dave had an apple cake with creme Anglaise and granny smith apple.



We ended with some mascarpone cookies with candied citrus, marshmallows with coconut, and chai truffles.


Let me preface what I am about to say with the fact that everything we tasted was delicious.  Even though each item was small, each was bursting with well-developed flavor.  That said, when I envision my ideal dessert, I see a large slice of chocolate cake (or a warm brownie, NO nuts) smothered in vanilla bean ice cream and covered with chocolate sauce.  Call me unsophisticated, but I prefer things with a more homey feel.  So, while I did enjoy dessert at ChikaLicious, it was a bit too delicate for my taste and I don’t think we’ll be rushing back any time soon.

Hampton Chutney Co in New York


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