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Our first day in San Francisco, we made a mad dash for the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and got there about 30 minutes before closing time. Luckily, it was a busy Saturday at the market so most stands stayed open until the very end and still had great produce left. I think the photos speak for themselves. Stone fruits and tomatoes were the stars of the day. We bought peaches and white nectarines from the vendors below; they were both delicious. Dave also ate a burger from Prather Ranch Grill (sadly, they were out of buns).


Towards the end of our time at the market, we stumbled upon this booth selling Drinkwell Soda (made by the folks at Eatwell Farm).


It’s basically like kombucha, lacto-fermented to bring out all the good-for-you vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics. They had four different flavors to choose from, I went with white peach. One of the two sweet-faced twin boys, who were helping their mother run the booth, filled my (biodegradable) cup and handed it to me. I liked it because, as much as I like kombucha, this soda was milder, not as sour, and yet not too sweet either.



Leaving the market, we saw this sign. I love it.


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