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Tarty Fourth

Our friends Mike and Jessica had a pre-4th of July barbecue and I offered to bring some desserts. I had a lot of left over dough from the tarts I made for Ed and Anne, and this time around it had ample time resting in the fridge. First, I put together an apricot tart using the dough and some apricots tossed with sugar and a pinch of salt.

While the apricot tart was baking, I turned to one of my favorite dessert cookbooks to use during summer and made a blueberry tart. What makes this tart great is that it contains a mix of cooked and raw blueberries which provide contrasting texture and sweetness level.

I had some left over dough and apricots so I put together some mini apricot tarts which I gave to my parents and some of their friends. I got very positive feedback on my tartletes, especially the crust which had an added heartiness due to my use of whole wheat pastry flour.

We were among the last to arrive at the barbecue so the grill was in full-fire. Dave was able to quickly put together a plate for himself and he dug right in.
They had run out of veggie burgers so I stuck to some of my summer favorites: corn and watermelon.

DSC03593 DSC03595
The blueberry tart (which I finished with some powdered sugar) was very well received. The highest complement came from a little boy who came over to me, his second piece of the night in hand, and proclaimed, “this is the best blueberry pie I’ve ever had.”

We all sat outside drinking beer and catching up as the kids ran around playing with glow sticks. The last couple to arrive brought with them their much-anticipated bacon-wrapped shrimp. Dave happily ate several before we headed home.



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Home sweet Savoy


Photo from The New York Times online

Savoy, where I am a stage (fancy culinary term for intern), was just reviewed in The New York Times. I realize that it may be hard to take my word as unbiased, but the food really is quite good. Make your reservations now, before it becomes too hard to get one.

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