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Dave’s parents came up for our last few days in Vermont. The six of us went to a Waitsfield institution, American Flatbread. I had been once before last ski season and was excited for more fresh-out-of-the-wood-fired-clay-oven creations. The lines at Flatbread are notorious (they don’t take reservations), but as long as you show up early you should be seated without much delay. I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes for a table, but now that I just wrote that, I’ve probably jinxed it.


The oven is the centerpiece of the restaurant with all the tables around it in a semi-circle. Their hours vary based on the season, and they are only open for dinner. During the afternoon, they make the flatbreads that are frozen and sold all over the country (here’s a list of where to find them). What many people don’t know, is that while they are not formally open for lunch, if you arrive during production and are willing to eat whichever kind they happen to be baking, they will sell you one. My parents did this one afternoon and sat outside on the picnic tables. Just bring your own drinks as they will only sell you the flatbread.


The six of us decided to share three flatbreads. We went with the two special flatbreads of the day, and one oldie but goodie. First to arrive to the table: Haley’s beef and pork meatballs, our own cauldron tomato sauce, Maple Brook Farm‘s fresh mozzarella, spinach from Vermont Herb and Salad Company.


Next came: Roasted tomatillo salsa, Elmer Farm‘s black beans, Hartshorn sweet corn, poblano peppers, queso fresco, and cilantro gremolata. This flatbread is the best one I’ve had, to date. It made me realize that coming in the summer is better as so much more is in season. The corn and peppers were delicious, and the beans added a surprisingly good touch. I want to try to recreate this at home someday.

We also ordered a Revolution: tomato sauce, caramelized onions, domestic mushrooms, blend of fine cheeses and herbs. I thought this was the weakest one we ordered, but in no way bad. It was a little too doughy. I didn’t taste the sausage one myself, but Dave and my dad were raving about it.


I don’t think that they put that much energy into their desserts, and why should they. They feature Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as well as brownies and pie. That night’s pie was peach blueberry, we ordered two slices for the table. I only had a small bite, as I was stuffed with bread, but I wasn’t that impressed.

At American Flatbread, dessert doesn’t matter. By the end of dinner you should be stuffed with delicious, cheesy goodness topped with local, seasonal, delicacies. I dream about them.

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