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Lobster for five


During the summer, Timbers restaurant (at Sugarbush resort) hosts a lobster dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For $25, you get a 1 1/4 pound lobster, steamed mussels, red bliss potatoes, and summer corn. And it all comes in a bucket. Compared to NYC prices, this is a steal.


One of my parents friends, Bobbie, was up visiting, so the five of us decided to check it out. You do have the option of ordering off the regular menu, but we all went for the lobster. Something about the combination of a tin bucket spilling over with strands of kelp and clean white tablecloths is funny.


Add to that some plastic bibs and you’ve got yourself a really good time. I’m always ready to eat with my hands. I think food tastes better without the middle man of silverware.


My dinner: this plate plus a bunch more mussels from the bottom of the bucket, and one more potato. The lobster was clearly cooked in very salty water. This made it so that you didn’t even need to use the butter, it was so flavorful on its own.


The end. Five very satisfied customers, lots of empty shells.


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