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Sushi Seki


The first time I ate at Sushi Seki in midtown, I had just moved back to NYC after a year in Hong Kong. It was my first time living on my own in NYC and I was gushing with excitement to try anything and everything the city I was born and raised in had to offer. I loved Seki from the moment I walked in. I hadn’t been back since.


The sous chef at Savoy raves about Seki, another reason why I wanted to go back and give it another try. I went with my friend Irene, and we opted to play it simple with a few rolls each and split some sesame spinach to start (goma ae, to those of you for whom that means something).


The place feels like a corner mom and pop restaurant in Tokyo. Sometimes that is exactly what I crave, and on the night I went it left me feeling full and happy.


The sushi was solid, not the best I’ve had in NYC, but certainly on the better end of the spectrum. I don’t think that I am fully equipped to comment on the sushi, as I think to give it a fair shot you have to sit at the counter and order the omakase, allowing the chefs to pamper you with that day’s freshest offerings. That said, a few rolls of sushi with a side of miso soup was enough to transport me back to Japan for an hour or so, and in some ways, that is the highest compliment I can offer.

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Sushi Seki in New York


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